ActionSA, a political party in South Africa, has decided to write to the Speaker of the uMngeni Mayor, Ms. Janis Holmes. According to The South African the party is seeking immediate answers about the circumstances leading up to the awarding of R100,000 to UMngeni Tourism. This non-profit organisation (NPO) is headed by Mayor Chris Pappas’s fiancé, Mr. JP Prinsloo.

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ActionSA seeks answers about uMngeni Mayor

According to Zwakele Mncwango, ActionSA KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Chairperson, the NPO currently receives monthly payments of R10,000 from the Municipality. In addition to these payments, the NPO received an additional funding of R100,000. Mncwango alleges that Mayor Pappas had a direct conflict of interest in this matter. He argues that Pappas should have not only declared his relationship with Prinsloo but also recused himself from deliberations pertaining to the NPO.

It is also alleged that the couple attended various events and functions together aimed at promoting the Municipality. It is unclear whether municipal funds were used for their travels or whether they were attending in their respective capacities. ActionSA has requested clarity from the Speaker on this matter.

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Request for Transparency and Accountability

ActionSA has requested that the Speaker provide a detailed account of the events leading up to the awarding of funds to the NPO. The party wants to ascertain whether proper protocol was followed by Mayor Pappas after declaring his relationship with Prinsloo. This would include recusing himself from council and committee meetings where this item was tabled.

The party cites Schedule 7 of the Code of Conduct for Councillors which stipulates that councillors are required by law to recuse themselves from council when matters are to be voted upon, especially if there is a conflict of interest.

UMngeni Tourism’s Preferential Treatment

There have been various conflicting reports about UMngeni Tourism receiving preferential treatment in the form of R100,000 in funding from the Municipality. Mncwango stated that their list of questions to the Speaker requests her to focus solely on processes undertaken in the current term (starting from 2021).

This story is still developing and further updates are expected.

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