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The African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s governing political party runs to ConCourt. The case revolves around the ANC’s cadre deployment policy, which has been declared unlawful and unconstitutional by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo in his report from the Zondo Commission.

The Zondo Commission’s Report

The Zondo Commission, led by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, conducted an investigation into state capture in South Africa. In its report, the commission made a significant declaration regarding the ANC’s cadre deployment policy. According to Chief Justice Zondo, this policy was found to be both unlawful and unconstitutional.

ANC’s Cadre Deployment Policy

The cadre deployment policy of the ANC involves the strategic placement of party members in key positions within state institutions. This policy has been under scrutiny due to allegations of state capture, which refers to systemic political corruption in which private interests significantly influence a state’s decision-making processes to their own advantage.

ANC runs to ConCourt

In response to the Zondo Commission’s report, the ANC is appealing to the Constitutional Court. The party is seeking to keep its cadre deployment committee records secret, particularly those from the period when President Cyril Ramaphosa was its chairperson. This was a time when allegations of state capture were at their height.

Implications of the Appeal

The ANC’s appeal to the Constitutional Court signifies that it is challenging a court led by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, who declared its cadre deployment policy unlawful and unconstitutional. This appeal is part of the ANC’s ongoing litigation efforts to hide its cadre deployment committee records.

In conclusion, this case represents a critical juncture in South Africa’s ongoing struggle against corruption and state capture. The outcome could have significant implications for transparency and accountability within the country’s political landscape.

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