Asande Dubazana Biography

Asande Dubazana Biography

Asande Dubazana, a rising star in the South African acting scene, is gaining popularity for his role as Bafana Cele on Durban Gen. His fresh face and masterful acting skills have impressed Mzansi. As he continues to become a fan favorite, let’s delve deeper into his life and career.

Profile Summary

Full Name: Asande Dubazana
Profession: Actor, Photographer
Education: BA in Motion Picture (AFDA)
Net Worth: R250 000

Age of Asande Dubazana

The recently graduated actor prefers to keep his age a secret, leaving fans to speculate. Given his recent graduation and youthful features, it’s likely that he is in his twenties.

Career Beginnings of Asande Dubazana

Asande Dubazana didn’t start his career in the traditional way. He first gained traction in the industry through skits and TikTok videos, showcasing his entertainment skills. After honing his craft and earning a degree in Motion Picture from AFDA, Asande landed a role on Durban Gen. Despite this being his television debut, he has quickly won over viewers.

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Asande Dubazana’s Role on Durban Gen

On Durban Gen, Asande plays Bafana, a goofy paramedic. This role seems to come naturally to him. His character, Bafana, often steps on Thulani’s toes and makes fun of his wife Phumeza’s promotion.

Relationship Status of Asande Dubazana

Asande’s acting skills and good looks have won him many admirers. This has led to speculation about his relationship status. However, Asande prefers to keep his personal life private, leaving fans to wonder if he is in a relationship.

Net Worth of Asande Dubazana

Asande’s income sources include his skits, TikTok videos, and his cinematography company, Numero Uno. Despite being at the beginning of his career, Asande has a net worth of R250 000. This is just the start, and Asande is set to break more ceilings in his career.

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