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Thembi Seete’s first appearance in the popular drama series ‘Adulting’ has sparked a lively discussion on social media. In the most recent episode, Thembi portrays the character of Portia, a wealthy housewife in her sexual prime. A particular scene with Vuyani, a character played by Luthando “BU” Mthembu, has caught the attention of viewers.

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Social media users have been quick to react to the scene. Some questioned the actress’s decision to participate in such suggestive scenes, while others praised her for her outstanding performance. Thembi revealed that her desire to surprise both herself and her fans, along with her aspiration to work with Tshedza Pictures, led her to join the daring series.

Scenes of Thembi Seete in ‘Adulting’ got Mzansi talking

Embracing Uncomfortable Scenes and Breaking Taboos

Thembi admitted, “My intimate scenes have never been this intimate. It felt like it was my first time acting and that’s the beauty of acting. You can’t say you’re comfortable with it because acting introduces you to different characters and different personalities. The things you get to do are always different. So with this one, it came with a lot of things that shook me a bit and made me uncomfortable. But I also love being uncomfortable.”

She further addressed societal taboos around discussing sex and intimacy, questioning why these topics are often avoided. She believes this reluctance stems from previous generations’ discomfort with discussing intimacy. However, she argues that these topics should be approached with respect, stating, “Sex is not a bad thing. It’s what created us.”

Thembi has had many first-time experiences on set through her portrayal of Portia, but she expressed gratitude to BU for making her feel comfortable on set. She said, “He made me comfortable so I don’t think about myself too much. That’s the beauty of acting — it allows you to forget about yourself and to wear this character. I was able to put Thembi aside and be about Portia. But it’s also a blessing and a cherry on top when you have a co-actor that is supportive and confident.”

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