Busisiwe Xaba Biography

Busisiwe Xaba Biography

Busisiwe Xaba, a renowned South African actress and youth minister, is best known for her role as Palesa on the popular show, Generations The Legacy. She is passionately committed to shaping a better future for the youth through her acting prowess. However, a plot twist in her storyline that challenges her moral compass leads her to make a bold decision to sacrifice her career, a move that endears her even more to her fans.

Profile Summary

  • Date of Birth: 15 May 1992
  • Birth Place: Winchester Hills, South Africa
  • Profession: Actress, Youth pastor, Entrepreneur
  • Education and Qualifications: Audio-Visual Communication (University of Johannesburg)

Early Career

Busisiwe Xaba’s career in entertainment began at a young age when she would entertain her large family before their nightly prayers. This early passion led her to present on the children’s show, Nature Excursion, as a teenager. She pursued Drama as her major in high school at the National School of the Arts in Braamfontein, graduating with full colours in Music Theatre and earning the Best Actress award in her grade year of 2010.

Television Appearances

To hone her skills, Xaba enrolled at The University of Johannesburg to study Audio-Visual Communication. However, financial constraints prevented her from completing her studies, and she decided to dive headfirst into the entertainment industry in 2012. She auditioned for a presenting gig on Top Billing, showcasing her flawless French fluency. Although this journey was short-lived, she joined SuperSport to work as a video editor through Vision View Productions.

Xaba then ventured into acting, landing the recurring role of Dimi on the drama series Diamond City. This success led her to secure another acting role on the longest-running soapie, Generations: The Legacy, where she played Palesa, a character that mirrors her real-life persona. However, accepting this role turned out to be a misstep.

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Departure from Generations: The Legacy

The roles actors play on TV can significantly impact their personal lives. Palesa’s character, which evolves into a prostitute, led to Xaba’s departure from the Generations cast. Although not publicly disclosed, an industry insider commented on her exit from the show, stating that she, being a youth pastor in real life, was uncomfortable with the character’s development and demanded changes, leading the producers to write off her role.

Xaba’s Role in Generations: The Legacy

Xaba describes Palesa’s character as one who constantly struggles in life and misses out on opportunities. She says, “You can see that she is always getting beaten down, and it would be easy for her to give in. I have had those moments in my own life, and I have seen it in the countless lives of others I meet.”

Net Worth

While Xaba’s net worth is still under review, it is known that she was earning a handsome salary in the range of R25 000 to R32 000 per month at the onset of her career.

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