Clement Maosa Addresses Claims of Being Suicidal

Clement Maosa, also known as Kwaito on the popular South African television show Skeem Saam, has recently addressed rumors that he has been suicidal. The actor and musician took to his social media platforms to set the record straight and to speak out against the spread of false information.

Maosa’s Response to the Rumors

On his Facebook account, Maosa explained that he has been receiving messages from people asking if he is trying to kill himself. In response, he wrote: “Been getting calls and messages because of these lies. I don’t like entertaining nonsense, but mental illness is a very sensitive issue that mustn’t be joked about. People are going through a lot and we should be sensitive.”

Clement Maosa: Image source @Instagram

Maosa went on to say that he is living a happy life and that he is grateful for all that he has. “As for me, I’ve never been this happy in my life. All is going well and I’m grateful. God has been good to me. I am living my dream and I am the happiest. Stop believing everything you read on Facebook,” he explained.

In a video posted on TikTok, Maosa advised his fans to be cautious when posting about suicide as it is a sensitive topic. “We cannot joke about such things. Please let us be sensitive before we start posting things that are irresponsible. I am fine,” he said.

Maosa’s Past Struggles with Depression

Despite his current happiness, Maosa has been open about his past struggles with depression. In an interview on Mac G’s Podcast in June of last year, Maosa shared that he came from a poor background and lost both of his parents at a young age.

He also spoke about two previous suicide attempts. The first occurred after his father passed away, when Maosa ingested a hair remover product in an attempt to end his life. Fortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful and he was given milk to counteract the effects of the product.

Maosa’s second suicide attempt involved a plan to collide head-on with an oncoming truck. However, he did not go through with the plan.

Seeking Help for Suicidal Thoughts

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, it is important to seek help immediately. In South Africa, the Suicide Crisis Line can be reached at 0800 567 567 and the SADAG Mental Health Line can be reached at 011 234 4837. These organizations provide confidential support and can help connect individuals with resources for treatment and support.

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