David Sebe Biography

David Sebe Biography

Television characters often captivate us to the extent that we forget the real people portraying them. The actors and their characters sometimes merge into one entity in the audience’s perception. This is the case with David Sebe, who is known to every Muvhango fan as Gizara. This article may alter your perception of Gizara as it reveals the man behind the character. While some Muvhango fans may not appreciate this revelation, those who wish to know more about Gizara are welcome to explore David Sebe’s world.

David Sebe: Age and Early Life

David’s life has been far from royal, unlike Gizara’s. Born in 1953 into a large family of eleven children, his father juggled three jobs and was married to three wives. The only similarity between Gizara and David might be their upbringing in a polygamous family and their early interest in poetry. David fondly remembers his childhood in Alexandra and credits his grandmother for sparking his love for storytelling and performing arts.

Overcoming Challenges

David’s childhood was brief. After completing his grade 4 (Standard 2), he moved to Diépkloof to help his father provide for the family. His daily 20-kilometer walk to and from school hindered his dream of becoming a doctor. His expulsion from school for organizing student protests marked the end of his formal education. However, leaving school in Standard 7 turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It led him to pursue acting with renewed passion, which eventually took him on tours across Europe and resulted in a 17-year stint in the diaspora performing one-man acts. After a 3-year break, he returned home and auditioned for the role of Gizara in Muvhango, creating the character we know today.

Love and Marriage

David is happily married to Anna (46). They are inseparable, and she is always by his side. David is always ready to interact with his fans, so don’t hesitate to ask for a selfie if you meet him!

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Education and Qualifications

Despite his early departure from school in South Africa, David completed his high school education in Hamburg, Germany, and graduated from St Marienkrankenhus college. Surprisingly, ‘Vho-Gizara Mukwevho’ is a qualified nurse!

David Sebe’s Net Worth

Unlike Gizara, who was born into wealth, David has worked hard to achieve his success. From his time in the diaspora to his current status as a renowned actor, David has earned his fortune. His net worth is estimated to be in the range of several million rands. However, this is speculative, and it’s worth noting that flaunting wealth is not common in African showbiz.


David still has a passion for poetry. He also enjoys speaking in his native Venda language, a preference he attributes to spending two decades in Germany, where he rarely spoke his native language. David’s portrayal of Gizara is so convincing that it’s hard to imagine him in any other role. Along with the Muvhango team, David has contributed to giving the soapie a unique and authentic African flavor.

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