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It’s not a usual sight to see two women who have been in a romantic relationship with the same man maintaining a friendly rapport. However, this norm doesn’t apply to musicians DJ Zinhle and Nadia Nakai. Their connection goes beyond just being ex-partners of the same man; they have fostered a bond that mirrors sisterhood.

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DJ Zinhle relationship with Nadia

DJ Zinhle has publicly expressed her positive feelings about her relationship with Nadia. In an interview with Sunday World, she disclosed that before the tragic death of AKA, she and Nadia didn’t spend much time together. Despite this, there was never any hostility between them. They had a cordial relationship, but Zinhle believes they could have been even closer.

The Tragic Incident and Its Aftermath

AKA, who is the biological father of Zinhle’s first child, Kairo Forbes, was tragically shot outside a restaurant in Durban on February 10th of this year. The investigation into his death is still ongoing. Nadia and AKA began their romantic relationship towards the end of 2021.

How Nadia Met Kairo

Nadia’s first encounter with Kairo is an interesting story. During a conversation with L-Tido on his YouTube podcast in June this year, Nadia shared that it was Zinhle who arranged her first meeting with Kairo.

According to Nadia, she had only met DJ Zinhle twice in her capacity as AKA’s girlfriend when Zinhle suggested that she should start babysitting Kairo. This conversation happened at a Fashion Week launch event. Nadia was taken aback but agreed to the idea since Zinhle seemed comfortable with it. She informed AKA about this and met Kairo two days later.

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