Dr Regina Nesengani Biography

Dr Regina Nesengani Biography

Regina Nesengani, a South African actress, is widely recognized for her role as Vho-Masindi in the SABC 2 soap opera ‘Muvhango’. She has recently been conferred with a PhD degree by the University of South Africa (UNISA), earning her the title of Doctor. In the soap opera, she portrays a selfish, manipulative woman who supports her son’s wrongdoings. However, in real life, she is a mother who stands by her family.

Academic Achievement: PhD Degree

Regina Nesengani has recently achieved a significant academic milestone. She was conferred with a PhD degree by the University of South Africa (UNISA). Her dissertation focused on gender-based violence and was written in her native TshiVenda language.

Personal Profile

Regina Nesengani was born on February 6, 1954, in Limpopo, Gauteng province, South Africa. She is of the Venda tribe and is fluent in several South African languages, including Zulu and Xhosa. Despite her character in Muvhango being labeled as a bad woman, Regina is an honest and considerate person in real life.

Career Path

Regina Nesengani discovered her love for acting in 1974. She began her acting career while also teaching at a local school. She started doing adverts and stories on the radio in 1980 and performed at the Market Theatre in 2002. Her big break came when she joined Muvhango in 2008.

Teaching Career

Regina Nesengani started her teaching career in 1975 and retired in 2014 after 39 years. During her teaching career, she also pursued acting, doing voice-overs, adverts, and stories on the radio. She managed to balance her acting career in Muvhango and her teaching job until her retirement at the age of 60.

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Television Appearances

Regina Nesengani has been a part of the Muvhango cast since 2008. She has made a significant impact on the show, becoming a household name as the mother to Chief Azwindini. Despite the challenges her character faces, Regina has vowed never to leave Muvhango and has no plans to join other productions.

Role in Muvhango

In Muvhango, Regina stars as Vho-Masindi, the mother of Chief Azwindini. Her character is known for her unwavering support for her son, even when he is in the wrong. After discovering that she was not of royal blood, her son was dethroned, but she vowed to have him reinstated at all costs. Despite being labeled as a greedy and selfish woman by younger viewers, older women praise her character. Regina has vowed to continue playing Vho-Masindi until her last breath.

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