Plan International’s Procurement & Logistics function is a key player in the organization’s global supply chain processes. This strategic function, which spans Purchasing, Assets, Property, Transport, and Warehousing, operates across 52 countries and over 400 sites, ensuring operations are efficient and effective.

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Embracing Transformation at Plan International

As the external landscape changes, Plan International is proactively transforming its operations to align with a bold new strategy. This transformation involves modernizing the operating model, business processes, systems, and work methodologies. A series of global change projects have been initiated since 2017 to pave the way for the implementation of this new strategy.

Cost Savings: A Cornerstone for a Brighter Future

A cornerstone project crucial to the success of Plan International’s Strategy is the pursuit of cost savings across various expenditure categories. This ambitious project aims to re-engineer the organization’s spending practices, reducing costs while ensuring optimal value for money. These cost savings are not just a financial exercise; they are a means to redirect vital resources towards advancing children’s rights and promoting gender equality for girls in the countries where Plan International operates.

Exciting Jobs in Procurement & Logistics at Plan International

Plan International offers a range of exciting jobs in the field of Procurement & Logistics, contributing to the organization’s mission of creating a better world for children and girls. Here are some of the roles available:

Procurement Officer

Join the team responsible for acquiring essential supplies and services for Plan International’s global operations. Your role will involve strategic sourcing, negotiations, and ensuring timely procurement while adhering to quality standards.

Logistics Coordinator

Play a vital role in coordinating the movement of goods, assets, and resources across Plan International’s extensive network of sites. Your responsibilities will include optimizing transport, warehousing, and distribution processes.

Supply Chain Manager

Take on a leadership position in overseeing the entire supply chain, from procurement to distribution. Your expertise will help streamline operations, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency.

Warehouse Supervisor

Manage the efficient storage and handling of goods within Plan International’s warehouses. Your role is critical in ensuring that resources are readily available when needed.

Asset Management Specialist

Focus on managing and optimizing Plan International’s assets and properties across different locations. This role contributes to resource efficiency and cost control.

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