“Fans Turned Against Me Because Of My Sexuality”, Nomsa Buthelezi Cries Live On Camera

Nomsa Buthelezi-Shezi, a renowned actress and TV presenter, known for her work on “Our Perfect Wedding” and “Moja Love’s Uyaphuza,” recently shared her personal journey. She revealed that she has been praying for the strength and courage to discuss the betrayals she has encountered. The 41-year-old woke up with a heavy heart, reflecting on her roots and the challenges she has faced. She admitted that she has always been a private person, but felt the need to share her experiences that many might not have understood.

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Watch: Nomsa Buthelezi cries live on camera


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Overcoming Industry Challenges

Also known as Gomora Diva, Nomsa emphasized the importance of discussing painful experiences as a path to healing. She hoped that her video might resonate with others facing similar situations, even in different industries. Nomsa entered the entertainment industry with nothing but a dream. She discussed the humility that comes with being overweight in an industry that often prioritizes physical appearance. Despite not fitting the conventional beauty standards, she was determined to prove her worth and talent.

Facing Betrayal and Prejudice

Without going into specific incidents, Nomsa shared that she had endured pain and injustices that she had chosen to bury deep within her. She recalled joining a show where people doubted her because of her appearance. However, her determination led to the show’s success, proving that talent transcends physical appearance. Despite her success, she faced betrayal from those who grew tired of her accomplishments and spread false rumors about her, damaging her reputation.

Despite these challenges, Nomsa refused to seek revenge, expressing her faith that God is watching over her. She also shared the prejudice she faced for being a lesbian in South Africa, leading to lost job opportunities. It pained her that the very audience she entertained turned against her because of her sexuality. Yet, she remains resilient, continuing to navigate her journey with courage and determination.

By Shamiso Miracle

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