FIRED UNITED: A look at actors who were fired from Skeem Saam, where they are now

At times, the intrigue and tension that unfolds behind the scenes of your beloved telenovela can surpass the excitement of the on-screen plotlines. The world of acting and production is a magnet for large personalities, and this often results in intense conflicts. These disputes can occur even on successful shows that are generating substantial revenue for both the network and the producers. This brings us to the case of the actors who were dismissed from the popular show, Skeem Saam, due to their inappropriate behaviour or disagreements with their fellow actors and producers.

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Skeem Saam has seen a number of its cast members disappear over time, leaving the audience in Mzansi curious about their sudden absence. Despite the cast members treating each other like a close-knit family, participating in dance challenges, and celebrating each other’s achievements, the management of Skeem Saam has a strict policy against misconduct. The set of Skeem Saam is not a playground; any form of misbehavior is dealt with sternly. If an actor steps out of line, the showrunners do not hesitate to dismiss them, reinforcing the seriousness of their commitment to maintaining a professional environment.

A look at actors who were fired from Skeem Saam, where they are now

Jama on Skeem Saam real name Oros Mampofu

Oros Mampofu who played Jama on Skeem Saam was reportedly fired from Skeem Saam in 2021. Confirmed sources has it that he had a misunderstanding with the show runners of the show as he wanted more for his Jama character.

Other sources has it that he asked for a salary incensement and he got fired. As of 2024 the actor has been winning big in his acting career and has been featuring on several acting gigs in Mzansi.

Lelo Mthiyane on Skeem Saam real name Amanda du Pont

Award-winning actress Amanda du Pont made all sorts of headlines when she exited the show. Rumours had it that she was fired from the show due to a fall out the Skeem Saam show runners.

However Amanda du Pont later revealed that she left beacuse she was cast on BET_Africa’s Isono as Mamba. On Skeem Saam, she played the character of Lelo Mthiyane. She dopped the drama series because she was offered a new gig with a better salary than Skeem Saam’s.

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