Former Miss SA in hospital after massive truck crash

On the morning of Tuesday, 12 September, a terrifying incident unfolded on Kloof Nek Road in Cape Town. A 24-wheeler truck lost control and caused a significant amount of damage and injury. Among the victims was Cindy Nel-Roberts, the former Miss South Africa who is now in hospital.

The truck, which was en route from Camps Bay, was carrying frozen fish boxes. As it descended down the busy Kloof Nek Road, it began to lose some of its cargo. The situation quickly escalated as the truck spun out of control.

The Aftermath

The out-of-control truck smashed into several vehicles in the Cape Town CBD before it jack-knifed and overturned into an apartment building. The impact was so severe that it dragged one of the vehicles for 100 meters.

Former Miss SA in hospital

Cindy Nel-Roberts, the former Miss South Africa, was one of the unfortunate victims of this accident and she is currently in hospital. She spoke to News 24 from a hospital where she was being treated for shock and minor injuries.

She recounted her traumatic experience, saying, “I am so traumatised, but I am fine. I was driving on Kloof Street and going about my business when I noticed a large truck on the road. It seemed unusual for such a big vehicle to be driving there.” She further added that her vehicle was “dragged for 100 metres and spun out of control” after being hit by the truck.

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The Truck Driver’s Ordeal

News 24 reported that the truck driver was trapped inside the cabin after the accident. Fortunately, a contractor who witnessed the incident rushed over to help. He managed to save the driver from the cabin, potentially saving his life.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can occur on our roads. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this tragic event, including former Miss South Africa Cindy Nel-Roberts.

By Shamiso Miracle

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