Mihlali Ndamase, a 26-year-old influencer from South Africa, has recently become the subject of intense discussion and speculation due to her transformed appearance . Despite her silence on the matter, fans are growing increasingly suspicious about potential changes to her appearance. A few weeks ago, she found herself at the center of attention on Twitter after sharing a workout video from the gym.

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Mihlali Transformed Appearance got Mzansi talking

This week, the debate intensified as photos of Ndamase at the 2023 Glamour Women of The Year Awards circulated widely. The images have sparked a flurry of discussion among users, with many speculating about a possible botched plastic surgery job.

A New Look That’s Met With Criticism

Over the past few months, Ndamase has managed to maintain a low profile, successfully avoiding negative news headlines. The award-winning content creator, who previously found herself embroiled in a social media storm, has made a conscious effort to maintain a clean and drama-free image.

However, despite her efforts, fans have found a reason to discuss her once again. The photos from the Glamour Women of The Year Awards have gone viral, and it’s clear that Ndamase’s appearance has changed. Many fans have expressed their disapproval of her new look.

According to numerous comments, it appears that Ndamase may have had work done on her lips and breasts. Gossip blogger Musa Khawula shared the photos that have sparked this speculation.

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Fans Express Their Concerns

Many users have expressed their belief that Ndamase was perfect just the way she was and didn’t need any cosmetic procedures. They’ve voiced concerns about whether she might be feeling pressured to conform to the beauty standards set by American celebrities, who often undergo plastic surgery.

One user lamented, “She’s slowly turning into the Kardashians. I hate social media standards…this girl was naturally gorgeous.” Another added, “I think she also did something to her lips. It’s now too much!!”

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