In just two weeks, the new petrol and diesel prices for July 2023 will take effect. According to the latest numbers from the Central Energy Fund (CEF), petrol drivers may fare better than diesel car owners.

Petrol 93decrease of 15 cents
Petrol 95decrease of 6 cents
Diesel 0.05%increase of 15 cents
Diesel 0.005%increase of 10 cents
Illuminating Paraffindecrease of 4 cents

Latest Projections from the CEF

The latest projections received by news reporters from the CEF, effective Tuesday, 20 June 2023, indicate that if market conditions remain consistent for the remainder of the month – which is unlikely due to fluctuations in the rand/dollar exchange rate and changes in oil prices – petrol 93 octane motorists can expect a decrease of 15 cents while 95 users can expect a decrease of 6 cents. On the other hand, diesel motorists may see an increase of between 10 and 15 cents per litre.

Illuminating paraffin is also expected to decrease by 4 cents.

Factors Impacting Fuel Price in South Africa

The fuel price in South Africa is impacted by two main factors:

  1. The international price of petroleum products, which is mainly driven by oil prices
  2. The rand/dollar exchange rate used in the purchase of these products

Oil Price

At the time of publishing, the brent crude oil price is $76.02 a barrel.

Exchange Rate

At the time of publishing, the rand/dollar exchange rate is R18.42/$.

Final Price Changes
The final overall price changes for both petrol and diesel will be confirmed in the weeks ahead with the new prices coming into effect at midnight on Tuesday, 4 July.

Petrol 93R22.30
Petrol 95R22.63
Diesel 0.05%R19.31
Diesel 0.005%R19.69
Illuminating ParaffinR13.96
Petrol 93R21.58
Petrol 95R21.91
Diesel 0.05%R18.58
Diesel 0.005%R18.98
Illuminating ParaffinR13.04

Fuel price LATEST: Two weeks to new petrol and diesel prices for July 2023

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