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Gigi LaMayne, born on 7 July 1994 in Lenasia, is a South African female rapper and poet. The multi-award-winning hip-hop artist also writes songs. She has managed to grow her fan base in the competitive entertaining circle. The hits she has released since she entered the industry have helped her gain ground. Among other female rappers South Africa has produced, she is proof that what men can do, women could do better.


The multi-talented celebrated personality was born on 7 July 1994 in Lenasia, South Africa. Her parents, Sarah Manney and Collin Manney were happy to welcome her into their family. Gigi spent most of her childhood days in different locations in the country – Lenasia, Soweto, Eldorado Park, and boarding school.


For her high school education, she attended Dominican Covenant High School. She studied for eleven years (2001-2012) at the Johannesburg-based institution. She attended the University of Witwatersrand (Wits University). After her scheduled year of study was complete, she graduated with a BA in Media and Anthropology.


Her interest in composing poems could be traced back to her days as a young child of eleven. Gigi’s first piece was Valentine’s Day and at sixteen, she started to rap. She entered an exchange program under Branson Scholarship Programme in England. She drew the attention of many to her with her amazing performance which earned her the second position.

Scratchbeat Records signed her and under them, Gigi dropped her first mixtape – El Principio-16. She was signed to Benley Records, popularly known as the MFE Family, in 2013. Gigi holds the record as the first female to be signed by the label. Later, she ended the contract with them and became a solo artist.


For rappers and some artists, drawings on the skin add to the style. Gigi showed off her new tattoo and made the experience known. It was a painful one and is on her lower body. She has another tattoo between her chest which looks like an Egyptian Pharaoh: “This tattoo sent me to my grave, It was all worth it though.”


Gigi LaMayne has released several albums and songs throughout her career:


  • Mermaids And Stuff (2021)
  • Job Woods (2019)
  • Colour of Reign (2014)
  • i-Genesis (2016)
  • GROUND ZERO (Special Edition) (2018)
  • VI (2018, EP)


  • Sosobala
  • Slaap Tiger
  • Feelin U
  • Ice Cream
  • Koze Kube Nini
  • Mojo Jojo
  • My Body
  • Dutty Wine
  • I Gotta Go
  • Emazulwini
  • Heritage
  • Hang Up On You
  • Lola Mendoza
  • Mermaids And Stuff
  • Afro Gladiator
  • Fire
  • Mandingo
  • Moja
  • Lobola
  • Detail
  • Never Met You
  • Designer
  • Yajika Lento
  • Fees Will Fall
  • Joint
  • Jungle Fever
  • No Love
  • Make A Way
  • Sativa
  • The Rap Up
  • 1-Bar
  • Fxck Everybody


She is signed under 360-degree management firm, Dream Team SA. Circus Cafe is the debut mixtape she dropped under the label and she worked with Audio Restaurant with the producers J-Twinn and TAwm. She would love to work with an international heavyweight like fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj. Kendrick Lamar and Eminem are also on the list of international rappers she would want to work with.


Gigi emerged winner of the Jack Daniels music competition. She was also a nominee for the Best Collabo for the Ice Cream Remix featuring Khuli Chana. Other awards and recognitions she has received includes:

2013SA HipHop AwardsBest Female actWon
2013SA HipHop AwardsBest NewcomerWon
2013SA HipHop AwardsMixtape of the Year awardWon
2014SA HipHop AwardsBest Female actWon
2016Real Architect of Society AwardsRising Star AwardWon
2016SA HipHop AwardsMixtape of the yearWon

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