Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni Biography

Gogo Maweni, whose real name is Lee-Ann Makopo, is a prominent figure in South Africa. She hails from Sandton, Gauteng, and has made a name for herself as a doctor, consultant, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and television personality. Gogo Maweni has openly confessed to possessing witchcraft abilities, leading to speculations that she bewitched her baby daddies when they failed to fulfill their child maintenance obligations.

Gogo Maweni’s Business Ventures

Gogo Maweni is not just a television personality; she is also a successful entrepreneur. She owns a herbal store and sells jewellery through her online platform, Maweni Chakra Online. Her business ventures extend to her role as a gobela at Impande Ye Zulu, as stated on her Facebook profile.

Social Media Influence

Gogo Maweni’s influence extends to social media, where she is known for the excellent content she posts. Her Instagram handle is @dr_maweni, and she has amassed a significant following due to her engaging and insightful posts.

Personal Details

Gogo Maweni was born between 1988 and 1992 in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa, making her between 30 and 34 years old. She is of mixed African descent and holds South African nationality. She is married to Sabelo Mgube and is a proud mother of three sons.

Education and Career

Gogo Maweni is a well-educated woman. She completed her primary education at St. Teresa High School before enrolling at Manhattanville College and later at The University of Johannesburg. As a professional, she has made strides in various fields, including medicine, social media influencing, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

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Gogo Maweni gained notoriety after being accused of bewitching her baby daddies. One of them, SK Khoza, a former actor on the show The Queen, raised allegations after a video of him losing his mind surfaced on Twitter. In response to these allegations, Gogo Maweni, through her publicist Simphiwe Majola, denied responsibility for Khoza’s predicament. She stated that she had left everything in the hands of her ancestors and God after getting tired of chasing after him for child maintenance.


Gogo Maweni leads a lavish lifestyle, which is evident from her social media posts. Her house is filled with snakes and owls, animals that are often associated with black magic. Despite the controversies surrounding her, Gogo Maweni continues to thrive in her various roles, making her a fascinating figure in South Africa.

Marital Status

Despite the drama surrounding her children’s fathers, Gogo Maweni is married. Her husband, Sabelo Magube, was her long-term boyfriend before they decided to get married.

About Sabelo Magube

Sabelo is a businessman and social media influencer who owns Velabahleke events hire and Velabahleke Shuttle services. He describes himself as the kindest Zulu man in South Africa on his Instagram profile.


Gogo Maweni is the mother of three children, as seen in the photo she posted on her social media.


Gogo Maweni has played various characters in Izangoma Zodumo, a South African TV show. According to media reports, she earns a significant income from her consultation services and from the TV shows she has appeared in.

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Baby Daddies

Celebrity Relationships

Gogo Maweni is known for boasting about having children with celebrities. Her children’s fathers include SK Khoza, and former Mamelodi Sundowns star Siyabonga Zulu.

Legal Issues

Gogo obtained a warrant of arrest for Siyabonga Zulu for not paying child maintenance. She made headlines when she got into a fight with one of Khoza’s fiancées, Morna Phatudi, after he failed to pay maintenance.

Public Fallout with SK Khoza

Gogo Maweni and SK Khoza have had quite the public fallout. In January 2022, she posted a photo on Instagram that made it clear that she was the reason behind Khoza’s fall from grace. The caption stated: “I don’t have baby daddy issues; All issues were settled in my nduba. The outcome was to leave them with nothing. If my kids don’t eat, no one eats – Do the maths!”

Consultation Business

Gogo Maweni’s snakes are part of her consultation business. She uses all sorts of Sangoma apparatus; her social media is full of strange animals and tools, including owls, snakes, and even baboon feet.

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