Gogo Maweni, a traditional healer based in Sandton, Gauteng, has become a well-known figure due to her reality show, Izangoma Zodumo. The show offers viewers a glimpse into her luxurious lifestyle. However, Maweni’s flamboyant persona and business ventures have recently been overshadowed by controversies surrounding her personal life.

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Controversial Love Life

Accusations have been made that Gogo Maweni has used witchcraft against her baby daddies, actor SK Khoza and ex-Mamelodi Sundowns player Siyabonga Zulu. In response to these allegations, Maweni has firmly denied any involvement in their personal struggles. She insists that she simply entrusted the situation to her ancestors and God, particularly in regards to the issue of child maintenance.

Personal Life and Relationships

Despite the public interest in her love life and children, Maweni tends to keep these aspects of her life private. However, it is known that she has three children with three different men. Two of these men are well-known figures in South Africa, while the third is an American. In addition to being a mother, Maweni is also a happily married woman. Her husband, Sabelo Magube, is the owner of the Velabahleke Events company.

A look at Gogo Maweni failed relationships and many baby daddies

SK Khoza

Maweni’s relationship with award-winning actor SK Khoza resulted in a son. The details of their relationship remain unclear, but it ended after the birth of their child. Maweni made headlines when she took Khoza to court over child support issues. Rumors circulated that Maweni resorted to witchcraft when the court failed to resolve their dispute.

The footballer Siyabonga Zulu

Siyabonga Zulu, a professional footballer who has played for several prominent clubs, also had a relationship with Maweni. Their relationship began on social media and blossomed when they met in person. However, it took a turn for the worse when Maweni discovered she was pregnant and found out that Zulu was unfaithful. Despite giving birth to Zulu’s child, the couple eventually parted ways.

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