Ntobeko  Sishi to release 52 songs in a year

Ntobeko “Sishi” Sishi, a well-known actor from Mzansi Magic’s Gomora, embarked on his musical journey earlier this year. Despite his recent foray into the music industry, Sishi has been crafting songs since he was just 13 years old. His passion for music predates his acting career, making this transition a natural progression of his artistic expression.

Ambitious Project for 2024

Sishi has set an ambitious goal for the start of 2024. Ntobeko  Sishi plans to release a new song every week, resulting in a total of 52 songs by the end of the year. Each song will be accompanied by high-quality visuals shared on social media platforms, providing fans with a comprehensive audio-visual experience.

Ntobeko  Sishi to release 52 songs in a year

For Sishi, music is more than just a form of entertainment. It’s a platform for him to share his personal journey and experiences. Unlike acting, where he portrays different characters, songwriting allows him to tell his own stories. He believes that the best way to express himself is through lyrics, singing, and melodies.

Evolution of Musical Style

Sishi’s first body of work was heavily influenced by R&B and pop genres. However, he is now exploring a wider range of sounds in his new music. He aims to grow creatively and move away from the pressure of creating radio-friendly music. His current focus is on telling interesting stories through what he describes as “wavy” music.

Personal Connection with Followers

Sishi values authenticity and strives to maintain a real and personal connection with his followers. In June, he shared a video clip of his baptism, emphasizing the importance of sharing his personal journey with his fans.

Balancing Music and Acting

While Sishi is passionate about his music career, he reassures fans that this does not signal the end of his acting career. The former Hectic Nine-9 presenter plans to return to the screen within the next six months, continuing to entertain audiences in multiple ways.

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