Google has recently launched its Pixel 8 smartphones and a new smartwatch, both of which feature deeper integration of the company’s artificial intelligence technology. According to TechCentral these upgrades, announced at the “Made by Google” event on Thursday, are expected to make the devices more appealing to consumers planning their holiday season purchases.

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Pixel 8 Smartphones: Enhanced with AI

The Pixel phones, which are popular among photography enthusiasts and consumers who prefer the stock Android experience, have been upgraded with Google’s latest mobile processor, Tensor G3. This processor brings several machine learning and generative AI models natively to the device, enabling new AI features such as enhanced photography capabilities, webpage summarization, and spam call blocking.

The higher-end Pixel 8 Pro model also includes a temperature sensor. Google has filed an application to enable the thermometer app to take body temperatures. The Pixel 8 starts at US$699 and the Pixel 8 Pro at $999, making them $100 pricier than their predecessors. They will be available from October 12th. However, Google does not sell hardware, including the Pixel devices, in South Africa.

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Google Watch 2 and Android 14

In addition to the smartphones, Google also launched the Google Watch 2, an upgrade over its first smartwatch launched in October last year. Priced from $349, it features a digital crown and advanced health tracking features powered by AI.

Google also announced plans to add generative AI capabilities to its virtual assistant. This will allow it to assist users in tasks such as planning a trip or catching up on emails and then asking follow-up questions.

Furthermore, Google used the event to launch Android 14, the latest version of its operating system which is used on billions of devices worldwide.

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