Deputy President Paul Mashatile. Picture: Timothy Bernard / African News Agency (ANA).

Deputy President Paul Mashatile has expressed the government regret over the recent glitches in the payment of social grants that affected numerous recipients. He acknowledged the distress and hardship caused by this system glitch, which left recipients, particularly the elderly, unable to access their grants with their SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) Postbank cards. He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to ensuring timely and seamless payment of social grants to all beneficiaries.

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Measures for Resolution

According to TimesLive Mashatile stated that the issue is being addressed with urgency, with President Cyril Ramaphosa receiving regular progress reports from the ministers of communications and digital technologies, and social development. To prevent a recurrence of such glitches, a task team comprising the departments, Sassa, the Post Office, and Postbank has been established. This team will monitor and track the payment system in real time and work towards strengthening Postbank’s technical infrastructure.

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Future Preventive Steps

In addition to these measures, further reinforcement will include engaging experts in the banking field for a comprehensive review of the grant payment system and continuous rectification of system vulnerabilities. The review will focus on ensuring consistent monthly payments, card replacement, and overall system stability. Technical personnel from major commercial banks will also be brought in to assist Postbank with its banking system. Mashatile defended the use of Postbank due to its extensive reach. He concluded by stating that these measures are aimed at strengthening the state’s capacity to deliver social grants without future disruptions. Government moves to rectify social grant payment glitches — Mashatile

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