Instagram is a great platform for keeping in touch with friends and family and seeing what’s happening in their life. However, sometimes interactions on the platform may get toxic, and you might end up blocking people in a fit of rage. If you are looking for a way to unblock someone quickly, here’s how to do it in a few steps.

Steps to Unblock People on Instagram

  1. To unblock someone on Instagram, open the app and tap on your profile picture from the bottom bar.
  2. On your profile page, press the three-bar button on the top right of the screen and click on ‘Settings and Privacy’.
  3. Under the ‘Who can see your content’ section, tap on ‘Blocked’ and you will now see a list of blocked accounts.
  4. Press the ‘Unblock’ button in front of the profile you want to unblock and you will now be able to see their profile and content.

Additional Information

It is important to note that Instagram does not notify people when they are blocked or unblocked. If your Facebook account is linked to the Meta Account Center, you might also see a list of people you might want to block based on messaging activity from your Facebook account.

How to Block Someone on Instagram

If you need to block someone on Instagram, simply head over to their profile, press the three-line menu on the top right, and press the ‘Block’ button.

By Shamiso Miracle

Shamiso Miracle completed her degree in journalism and media studies at the University of Zimbabwe before honing her skills at Savanna News. She then went on to work at iHarare News, becoming a voice for everyday SA citizens who wanted to share their stories. When she's not writing news that entertains and inspires ,Shamiso is an avid reader and a wellness bunny.

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