Faith Nketsi opens up about her marriage to fraudster Nzuzo Njilo. Faith tired the got married to the love of her live in private extravagant wedding in April 2022. After their wedding the couple has been their lives privately and nothing much is known about their marriage. However in the recent episode of season 5 of MTV’s  Have Faith we saw Faith Nketsi opening up about her marriage and how she is trying to adjust to motherhood.

Faith went on a lunch date with her friend Andezlo and she talked about how the uncertainty  in her marriage. The Influencer shared to her friend that she loves her husband so much but she just cant trust him and there are so many issues surrounding their marriage. Faith went to talk about how she feels unsafe with her husband making headline oftenly about fraud allegations.

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The truth about Faith Nketsi marriage to Nzuzo Njilo

She also revealed that she moved out of her matrimonial home with Nzuzo and still trying to rethink if their marriage is going to work out. Faith shared though they were able to keep up an image that they were together, they were far from rekindling their relationship.

“I’m trying to make my decision because this is marriage and I love him deeply. I just don’t trust him. I’m trying to see if I can overcome that, and if I can’t, I’ll make my decision from that,” she said. 

In the previous episode of Have Faith we saw Faith and Nzuzo celebrating their daughters birthday in an expansive bash looking happy and lovely. Despite Faith and Nzuzo rediscovering their marriage the couple understood the concept of c o-parenting and thier doing a great job.

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In other news according to Sunday World Nzuzo allegedly defrauded Faith shortly after they got married, but she took to her timeline disassociating herself from those claims. 

“I would never do an interview about my personal life, nor would I go to newspapers to justify or ‘tell my side of the story’. I’m also not with the catty fights on social media. There’s really more to life and I respect people,” she wrote.

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