Chris Pappas

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in KwaZulu-Natal is mobilizing voters behind a shared objective, aiming to “rescue” the province from further decline. The party is sending out a strong message of hope and change for the future of the province.

On Monday, the party announced its premier candidate, Chris Pappas. At 32 years old, Pappas leads the only DA-governed municipality in the province, Umgeni. Despite the significant responsibility placed upon him, Pappas appeared unfazed and ready to take on the challenge.

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A Call for Courage

Pappas called on everyone to find the courage to rescue KwaZulu-Natal, expressing his belief that this can be achieved under a DA-led government. He emphasized that the year 2024 will be a crucial turning point for a better future filled with hope.

A New Generation of Leadership

Pappas highlighted that a new generation is being called upon to deliver a better future. This generation, he explained, is not defined by age but by a new mindset, ambition, and struggle for a non-racial and prosperous KwaZulu-Natal where leaders serve the people.

The Road Ahead

Acknowledging that the DA’s fight for control of KZN will not be easy, Pappas emphasized his determination to do what’s right. He recognized that governing KZN after next year’s national elections will require dedication from party members and confidence from the people in the province.

Pappas called for unity among all people, regardless of race, age, or gender, rural or urban. He expressed his belief that united, they can rescue the province from an uncaring government. He ended his speech with a powerful call to action: “This is our last chance to save our beautiful province and we need you. No one will save us and there will be no miracle.”.

By Shamiso Miracle

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