Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni, a renowned South African sangoma, has been showcasing the progress of her double-storey mansion. She is recognized as one of the country’s most popular and successful sangomas. Over the years, she has demonstrated her success through her acquisitions of cars and indulgence in luxurious vacations. Her business is thriving, and her marketing efforts are evidently fruitful.

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The Construction of Gogo Maweni Double-Storey Luxurious Mansion

Gogo Maweni’s success has been well-known among her fans, but they were pleasantly surprised when she embarked on the project of building a mansion. She shared updates about her progress on Instagram, expressing her satisfaction with a simple caption, “Progress 🙏🏾🕯️”. A few months ago, she had surprised her fans by demolishing her parents’ house, promising to rebuild it so that her parents could reside in a better home. Her fans were supportive of this decision. As she showcased her mansion, it was evident that she had already reached the roofing stage. Apart from the plastering, her mansion seemed to be nearing completion.

Public Reaction to Gogo Maweni’s Mansion

When Gogo Maweni shared a video of her double-storey mansion, it was met with admiration from her fans. They were impressed by the progress and expressed their thoughts in the comments. Bheki Mntungwa questioned why such success should be posted as some people might not want to see it. Happygal Ndlovu praised her efforts, saying, “Well done my love ❤️❤️👏👏”. Mgabadeli complimented the neatness of her builders and the nice plan of the mansion. Vice Xolani Ngomane commended the progress, stating that the project was coming along nicely. Other fans like Bahumi, Dr. ⭕️scar Mzaefane Mabele🇿🇦, and Tshidi K also expressed their anticipation for the final product and praised the great progress.

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