Israel Matseke Zulu Biography

Israel Matseke Zulu Biography

Israel Matseke Zulu, a South Africa-born artist, is a multifaceted personality known for his skills as an actor, poet, singer, and dancer. Recently, he has been in the limelight due to his courageous public disclosure of his leg amputation.

Early Life and Challenges

Born and raised in Johannesburg, Zulu’s life was far from ordinary. His childhood was marred by criminal activities, and at the tender age of 14, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for burglary. Despite these early hardships, Zulu managed to turn his life around, finding solace and purpose in acting.

Career Accomplishments

Zulu’s acting career has been illustrious, with him being credited 25 times for various projects. He is best known for his role as Don on the South African television drama, Gamora. His portrayal of various gangster roles has earned him wide appreciation among viewers. In addition to acting, Zulu is also proficient as a singer, dancer, and poet, showcasing his diverse talents.

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Net Worth and Achievements

According to latest reports, Israel Matseke Zulu’s estimated net worth stands at $10 million. However, this figure might be subject to change as the actor has not publicly disclosed details about his assets and properties. Over the years, Zulu has appeared in various television series and movies, with notable roles as a Bracelet soldier on The Good Lie, Skroef on Avenged, and others.

Health Struggles

Recently, Zulu underwent surgery for leg amputation due to a gangrene infection in his right leg. The news of his surgery led to an outpouring of support and prayers from his well-wishers and fellow actors. Despite the severe pain and the impact on his career, Zulu has remained resilient, confirming the news of his health struggle via an Instagram post.

Personal Life

Zulu’s personal life has been as eventful as his career. Currently unmarried, Zulu is a father to two sons from a previous relationship. Unfortunately, one of his sons passed away in 2011. Despite rumors of dating Wabantu, a performer and socialite, Zulu has maintained secrecy about his love life.

Early Years and Bio

Born in Alexandra Township in Johannesburg, Zulu is the second child in a family of five. After his parents divorced, his mother remarried, leading Zulu to adopt his stepfather’s last name, Matseke. At present, Zulu is 49 years old and is also the director of the Alexandra-based theatre group called Ishoshovi. Following his leg amputation surgery, Zulu decided to leave the South African drama series Gomora, marking a new chapter in his life.

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