ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula says there is a clear political campaign against Deputy President Paul Mashatile. According to Mbalula, the campaign will not succeed because the ANC “sees it for what it is”.

Recent Articles About Mashatile’s Life

News24 revealed that Mashatile led a life of luxury and seeming excess, using multimillion-rand homes owned by tenderpreneurs and beneficiaries of government contracts. ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula has defended his deputy president, Paul Mashatile, arguing that the “plot” against Mashatile will not succeed.

According to Mbalula, the party viewed the recent articles about Mashatile’s life in a serious light and he would be requested to answer to it.

Press Briefing on ANC’s National Executive Committee Outcomes

On Sunday, Mbalula addressed a press briefing on the ANC’s national executive committee outcomes. When asked about Mashatile, Mbalula said that if there were any integrity questions, the party would step in.

“All that we are seeing is claims and stories about the deputy president,” Mbalula said. “We are looking at it, to the extent that it is a political campaign aimed at annihilating an individual. We are observing it with keen interest.”

Mbalula added that the ANC would never again allow its political leaders to be subjected to such “shenanigans.”

Mbalula Says ANC Members Should Answer for Their Actions

Mbalula also stated that ANC members should answer for what they are accused of. “When people say that Mbalula owes somebody R3 million, I must answer,” he said. “But I know the story, where it comes from. I can tell you where it comes from, but I will answer. I must answer. The ANC cannot answer for something that I do.”

ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula: Image source @Instagram

Mbalula reiterated that those found to be committing wrongdoings should answer to the party’s integrity commission. “That is what society wants,” he said. “Then on the basis of your answers you must be cleared [or not].”

Mbalula also addressed the role of journalists in reporting on these issues. “If it is a political campaign, we will see it for what it is, because it will not succeed,” he said. “Even journalists, we know that somebody gives you a dossier, you write. We can’t blame journalists.”

Mashatile’s Life of Luxury and Association with Controversial Figures

News24 revealed that Mashatile led a life of luxury and seeming excess, using multimillion-rand homes owned by tenderpreneurs and beneficiaries of government contracts on Cape Town’s exclusive Atlantic Seaboard to entertain a string of lovers and friends.

Mashatile was also thrust into the spotlight after members of his security detail were recently caught assaulting motorists.

Mashatile defended his association with Edwin Sodi, who is involved in allegations of corruption, and Ndavhe Mareda, a supplier of coal to Eskom, saying he had known the pair for years.

Plot to Remove Mashatile from Office

Last Sunday, City Press reported that Mashatile said those conspiring against him had set a deadline of August to remove him from office. He refused to name the plotters behind the campaign to unseat him three months after assuming the deputy presidency.

Mashatile said he was still trying to investigate the motives of those who had tried to block him from being elected deputy president of the country and who had then tried to remove him after President Cyril Ramaphosa had appointed him.

President Ramaphosa confronted Mashatile over claims there was a plot to oust him from office. Ramaphosa, who has the power to appoint and fire his deputy, has squarely rejected Mashatile’s assertion, saying there was “no truth or substance” to Mashatile’s claims.

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