James Sithole Biography

Detailed Biography of James Sithole

James Sithole is a South African actor who has gained popularity for his role as Mdala on the television show “Scandal!”. Despite this being his debut role on television, he executes it flawlessly, leaving viewers wanting more of his charming presence. Let’s delve deeper into James Sithole’s life and career.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: James Sithole
  • Birthday: 17 September
  • Birthplace: KwaMhlanga, Mpumalanga
  • Profession: Actor, Producer, Stage Manager, and Entrepreneur
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Net Worth: R500,000


James Sithole has only revealed his birthday and remains silent about his age. His appearance suggests that he is in his late 30s. If he is older than that, then he is the epitome of “black don’t crack”.

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Career Start

To perfect his translating skills, James studied language practice after passing matric. He honed his acting skills by enrolling at Pretoria Arts Academy. In 2012, he began his studies at the University of South Africa. That same year, he enrolled at Youth In Trust State Theatre to study Communication Arts and Films. All the skills he acquired have shaped him to deliver stellar performances wherever he features.

Television Appearances

After performing in theatre plays subsequent to finishing his studies, James finally landed a television role. His cameo role as Mdala on “Scandal!” has attracted him a huge following, and with his flair, he is likely to land more roles.

Role on “Scandal!”

Mdala, played by James, is probably the most feared thug on “Scandal!”. However, everything comes tumbling down when Nhlamulo, his wingman, goes on a path to repentance. Finding himself behind bars, Tlogi, his trophy wife, decides to go on a new path. It remains to be seen whether Mdala will let her off the hook so easily.

Personal Life

Despite being a private person, James has mentioned that he is married. However, he has not divulged details about his love life.

Net Worth

From his business ventures, production gigs, stage managing, and the acting gig on “Scandal!”, James is making a substantial income. Worth R500,000, James continues to break ceilings.

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