Ayanda Thabethe

Media personality Ayanda Thabethe is brimming with joy as she welcomes her second child into the world. She expressed her overflowing love and gratitude in a heartfelt social media post, stating, “If you think my hands are full, you should take a look at my heart. Praise be to Jesus Christ/09.09.23,” marking the birth date of her newborn.

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The Announcement

In July, Ayanda shared the exciting news of her second pregnancy. She creatively used a video to announce the impending arrival of her second child. The caption read, “First came love, then came your brother and now you. We’re overjoyed to welcome and love the perfect little addition to our growing family.”


Ayanda Thabethe welcomes second baby

In August, Ayanda’s close friends and family gathered for a snowflake-themed baby shower. The event was described by Ayanda as a fairy-tale experience. She expressed her anticipation for the arrival of her little one, writing, “My little snowflake is on the way and we can’t wait to meet our little king.”

Last year, Ayanda shared an emotional video that documented her journey through pregnancy until the birth of her first child. Despite being a public figure, she has chosen to keep her son away from the limelight, sharing only a few times how parenting in private has brought her immense joy.

Bonko Khoza’s Parenthood Journey

SAFTA award-winning actor Bonko Khoza exclusively revealed to TshisaLIVE that their daughter Amahubo arrived three weeks ago. He shared his experiences of early parenthood, stating, “It’s been good, and it’s been tiring, but nothing beyond my abilities.” He also mentioned how his acting career prepared him for the late nights associated with parenting. He emphasized the importance of focusing energy on the child and acknowledged the invaluable support he received from his partner during this new chapter of his life.

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