Just In: Duduzane Zuma Set to Establish His Own Political Party

While his father, Jacob Zuma, a former president, has been actively campaigning for his nascent political party, the UMkhonto Wesizwe Party (MK), Duduzane Zuma, a businessman, has been meticulously planning to launch his own political organization. The 41-year-old presidential aspirant revealed to Sunday World that his new party is set to be launched later in January.

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Duduzane’s vision for the upcoming election year encompasses a fresh, realistic perspective and an inclusive narrative. He emphasized the need for society-driven solutions that are contemporary, innovative, and formulated by individuals who are directly affected by and comprehend the issues of today. He believes that messages and activities that can bring about a significant shift in mindset form the foundation for fundamental and structural change.

Duduzane Zuma Set to Establish His Own Political Party

He further elaborated, “We aim to transition from the politics of desperation to the politics of inspiration. We plan to achieve this by creating positive and active role models. We will also provide financial access to those who are serious enough to seize the opportunities that we will create. We are the ones who will make it happen. We aim to shift the mindset from a consumer mentality to a producer mentality. We envision building South Africa and Africa one brick at a time.”

Duduzane explained that his yet-to-be-named party is a movement that embraces all ages, races, religions, and cultures. It is a movement for the young, old, black, white, colored, Indian, male, female, and all religions. He firmly stated, “This movement will, without a doubt, be driven by the youth, which is non-negotiable.”

Duduzane’s Independence from MK Party

When questioned about his affiliation with his father’s party, Duduzane clarified, “I am part of something new, something game-changing, something current. It will be something never seen before, something realistic, and inclusive that is on its way very soon.”

Meanwhile, Jacob Zuma has been on a campaign trail for the newly formed MK party. He was greeted by large crowds in Piet Retief in Mpumalanga on Saturday. The former president has made a commitment through his organization to put an end to load shedding and reduce fuel costs.

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He stated, “I made a statement that there would never be load shedding and we were supposed to have no load shedding up to now. The people who came back wanted it because, as people say, they wanted to use the kind of business that will grow their companies, that’s what happened. They chased the people who were doing (stopped load shedding) and removed them from the companies, and actually wanted to arrest them.”

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