Kagiso Modupe Biography

Kagiso Modupe Biography

Kagiso Modupe, born on 19th August 1984 in Phokeng, South Africa, is a renowned personality in the South African entertainment industry. With a career spanning over a decade, he has made significant contributions as an actor, producer, businessman, master of ceremonies (MC), and motivational speaker.

Personal Life

Kagiso is married to Liza Lopes, a film producer. Together, they have three children – two daughters and a son. His elder daughter, Tshimollo, has already stepped into the world of acting. She played the lead role ‘Lerato’ in the film ‘Losing Lerato’, sharing the screen with her father.


Acting and Production

Kagiso’s acting career took off in 2006, and he has been active in the industry ever since. He is best known for his roles in popular serials such as ‘Losing Lerato’, ‘Gog’ Helen’, and ‘Unpredictable Romance’.

In 2019, he starred in the lead role ‘Thami’ in the blockbuster ‘Losing Lerato’, a film that he and his wife Liza funded. The film was screened in cinemas across South Africa and eSwatini. However, due to bureaucratic hurdles, it was not screened in Botswana.

‘Losing Lerato’ received critical acclaim and won six awards at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema in California. Kagiso won the Best Actor Feature award, Samela Tyelbooi won Best Actress Feature, and his daughter Tshimollo won the Best Child Performance award. The film also won the Golden Era Humanitarian Narrative Award, Best Original Score Award, and Festival Favourite Award.

Voice Acting and Television

In addition to his film roles, Kagiso has also lent his voice to the character “Tyler Perry” of Mzansi. He also acted in the popular television serial ‘Scandal!’ where he played the role of ‘Mangaliso “Mangi” Nyathi’. After a few years, he decided to leave the role.


Apart from his acting career, Kagiso has also ventured into writing. He is the author of the book ‘Along Came Tsakani’.


Over the years, Kagiso has been part of various films and TV series. Here is a brief overview of his work:

  • ‘Scandal!’ (2005-2018): Played the role of ‘Mangaliso “Mangi” Nyathi’ in this TV series.
  • ‘The Good Fight’ (2006): Served as the executive producer and played the role of ‘Red Jacket’ in this TV movie.
  • ‘Gog’ Helen’ (2012): Played the role of a policeman in this film.
  • ‘Step Up to a Start Up’ (2014): Played the role of ‘Rorisang Selepe’ in this film.
  • ‘Unpredictable Romance’ (2017): Played the role of ‘Mpumelo’ in this film.
  • ‘Losing Lerato’ (2019): Played the lead role of ‘Thami’ in this film.

Becoming a Millionaire

Kagiso Modupe, a well-known South African actor, revealed an unusual yet inspiring story of how he became a millionaire on an episode of the King David Studio podcast. He humorously stated, “I used my private parts to become a millionaire.”

Kagiso, who had been married for 12 years and was not circumcised, realized that his personal situation could be used to educate and encourage other men to get circumcised. With this in mind, he approached Brothers For Life and Right to Care to initiate a public circumcision campaign. The goal was to inspire men to join him in getting circumcised on the same day.

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The Social Media Advert

In addition to the campaign, Kagiso created a social media advert where he received R1 for every man that got circumcised. His persuasive efforts were successful, leading to 1.1 million South African men getting circumcised. This unique initiative is how he made his first million.

Career Highlights

Renowned Role in ‘Scandal!’

Kagiso is best known for his role as Mangi Nyathi in e.tv’s ‘Scandal!’. His acting prowess extends beyond this role, as he has also starred in other soap operas such as ‘Jiva!’, ‘Ambitions’, ‘Harvest’, and more.

Personal Life

Marriage to Liza Lopes

Kagiso is married to Liza Lopes, a film producer. Their partnership extends beyond their personal life, as they have collaborated professionally as well.

Proud Father of Two

Kagiso and Liza are proud parents of two daughters, further enriching their family life.

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