Karabo Magongwa Biography

Karabo Magongwa Biography

Karabo Magongwa is a young actress who has gained popularity for her role as Keletso in the show “House of Zwide”. Her exceptional acting skills have made her a beloved figure in Mzansi. Let’s delve deeper into the life and career of Karabo Magongwa.

Personal Profile

Full Name: Karabo Magongwa
Age: 14 years
Birthplace: South Africa
Birth Year: 2008
Profession: Actress
Education: She received her education from Johannesburg Institutional Primary School.
Net Worth: Her net worth is estimated to be around R250 000.

Career Beginnings

Karabo’s career took off when she was just six years old. She appeared in an Oreos advertisement that caught the attention of a US online publication. The ad was dubbed ‘the cutest kid advert ever’, and since then, Karabo has been in the spotlight.

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Television Appearances

While many know her from “House of Zwide”, Karabo has made several notable appearances on the small screen. She portrayed Azania in “Ayeye” and has also starred in series such as “Abomama”, “Imposter”, and “Mina Nawe”.

Role in House of Zwide

In “House of Zwide”, Karabo plays the character Keletso, whose storylines are truly inspiring. Keletso, feeling overshadowed by her fashion-savvy older sister and dealing with bullying at school, strives for recognition from her family. Eventually, she discovers her passion for music. Her adorable relationship with her uncle is a highlight of the show that always leaves the audience laughing.

Net Worth

Despite the fact that cameo roles often offer little compensation, Karabo has managed to earn a decent income from “House of Zwide”. Her net worth is currently estimated at R250 000. With her continued display of talent, Karabo is certainly on the path to greater success.

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