Kaylin Soobraminian Biography

Kaylin Soobraminian Biography

Kaylin Soobraminian, a South African actor, has gained popularity for his role as Thusheleni on Imbewu. His skills and talent have not only transformed his life but also served as an inspiration to many. As he continues to win the hearts of fans, many are curious about his real-life persona. Let’s delve into the details of Kaylin Soobraminian’s life, including his age, career, relationship status, net worth, and his role in Imbewu.

Profile Overview

Full Name: Kaylin Soobraminian

Age: 22 years

Date of Birth: 17 September 2000

Profession: Actor

Net Worth: R200 000

The Beginning of Kaylin Soobraminian’s Career

Born and raised in the impoverished settlement of Bhambayi in Inanda, Kaylin initially aspired to be a footballer to uplift his family’s living conditions. Despite his Indian heritage, he learned to speak IsiZulu to blend in with his peers. He recalls, “I used to go to a crèche with only black people. So the other kids said if I wanted to be friends with them I should learn to speak isiZulu or else they would stop hanging out with me.”

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This language skill, which seemed like a burden at first, later became a stepping stone in his career. In 2018, Duma Ndlovu was impressed by Kaylin’s fluency in Zulu and offered him a role in Imbewu.

Kaylin Soobraminian’s Role in Imbewu

In Imbewu, Kaylin plays the character Thusheleni, who uses his managerial position at Emsamo to justify his promiscuous behavior. He breaks up with his girlfriend Poppie for a more fashionable girl who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. This raises the question: Is Thusheleni setting himself up for failure?

Kaylin Soobraminian’s Relationship Status

Despite portraying a mature character in Imbewu, Kaylin is only 22 years old and seems to be more focused on his career than on romantic relationships. If he is in a relationship, he has managed to keep it private.

Kaylin Soobraminian’s Net Worth

At the beginning of his career, Kaylin is already earning a decent income from Imbewu. His monthly salary ranges from R25 000 to R30 000, depending on his screen time. This puts his net worth at around R200 000, and it’s only the start of his promising career.

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