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Khaya Dladla is a South African actor, best known for his role as GC on the popular television show Uzalo. He is known for his impeccable fashion sense, with eyebrows always on fleek, makeup on point, and outfits that are always dressed to kill. At first glance, one might think that Khaya was born female, but he is actually a male who can flawlessly pull off a feminine look. His portrayal of GC on Uzalo has earned him a large following. He is currently playing the role of Lazarous on the most-watched show House of Zwide.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Khaya Dladla
  • Date of Birth: 3 April 1990
  • Birthplace: Umalazi BB section, South Africa
  • Siblings: 5
  • Profession: Actor, Singer, Host
  • Education and Qualifications: Diploma in Advertising (Varsity College) and Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Communications (UNISA)

Early Career

Khaya Dladla’s career began when his parents sought to find an activity to occupy their hyperactive son. They settled on ballet for the six-year-old boy. Khaya found himself the only boy in the ballet classes, but this did not deter him. His outstanding performances landed him performing gigs at only eight years of age.

This was the beginning of a career in the arts that would lead Khaya to pursue theatre. His first TV role seemed less enchanting to him. When he was asked to try out for GC on Uzalo, he was hesitant. Nonetheless, on stern advice, he went for the audition and got the part. He was initially only supposed to be on the show for the first three or so episodes and had very few lines, but the producers asked him to stay for more episodes.

Role on Uzalo

Khaya Dladla’s fans still want him to come back to Uzalo, but the actor is now on a new path. His character GC attracted a massive following for Uzalo. GC, who speaks broken English in the show, is a friend of Thobile, Smangele and Fikile. He also has a romantic relationship with JoJo.


Khaya Dladla’s role on Uzalo earned him a nomination for the Golden Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Personal Life

Khaya Dladla is currently in a relationship and is often seen posting pictures all snuggled up with his boyfriend. It is also Khaya’s goal not to date anyone in the spotlight, and it seems to be working out.

Other Pursuits

In addition to acting, Khaya Dladla is also pursuing business ventures. He owns a sneaker line that sells for R2000. Khaya is also trying his hand in the radio world, having already made a name for himself in that industry. Recently, Khaya landed a radio gig at KZN radio station Gagasi FM. His appeal allows him to fit into any space he is placed in.

Music Career

Khaya Dladla is at the beginning of his music career. He has been featured as a background vocalist with music legends like Hugh Masekela, Salif Keita and Thandiswa Mazwai. Recently, he has been featured in “YoungStars,” “INGOM,” and “Indovoz.”

Television Roles

Khaya Dladla has had several television roles throughout his career, including:

  • Come Duze (Presenter)
  • The South African Film and Television Awards (Host)
  • Tropika Smooth Fan (Presenter)
  • Uzalo (GC)
  • Zaziwa (Himself)

Covid-19 Battle

While the virus has claimed many lives, Khaya Dladla has managed to recover from it. He revealed how emotional the journey was and how it was a dreadful psychological battle. “As soon as your mind tells your lungs you can’t breathe… As soon as your mind tells your body you are dying… YOU WILL DIE,” he wrote.

Role on House of Zwide

Khaya Dladla’s unmatched acting skills on Uzalo as GC opened doors for him as he recently won a gig on House of Zwide, the show that replaced Rhythm City. On House of Zwide, he portrays Lazarus, who is a fashionista. Through his role on House of Zwide, he is showcasing both his talents in acting and modeling.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Khaya Dladla has an estimated net worth of R1 million.

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