Linda Majola Biograph

Linda Majola Biography

Linda Majola, a renowned South African actor, has gained popularity for his role as Langa on “The Wife”. His portrayal of a man grappling with homophobia has sparked widespread interest in his off-screen life. Let’s delve into the details of Linda Majola’s life, including his age, career, personal life, net worth, and his role in “The Wife”.

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Profile Overview

Full Name: Linda Majola

Age: 28 years

Year of Birth: 1996

Place of Birth: Bonela, Durban

Education: Diploma in Catering from Durban University of Technology

Net Worth: R500 000

Career Beginnings

Linda Majola had to choose between a career as a chef and as an actor. He honed his culinary skills at the Durban University of Technology, trusting his talent to help him secure an acting role. As a top student, he graduated with a Cum Laude. Seeking better opportunities, Linda worked as a chef at the Hilton hotel in Sandton for a while. However, feeling that he was not utilizing his skills to their fullest, Linda returned home and launched his own food truck in 2020.

Discovering His Flair

Linda began exploring his fun side by creating TikTok videos, which helped him amass a large fan base. This is when he discovered his flair for acting.

Television Appearances

Linda’s debut television role as Langa on “The Wife” catapulted him to fame, earning him a spot on a cooking show. Pursuing both his passions seems to be working well for Linda.

Role in “The Wife”

In “The Wife”, Linda brings to life the character of Hlomu’s twin brother, Langa, helping to tell the story of a man struggling with homophobia. Speaking about his role, Linda said:

“The persona is similar and the life experiences as well. I have had to also navigate the difficulties of being a queer man and being in rooms where people might not actually agree with my life and who I am.”

Linda Majola Biography: Personal Life

Linda’s storyline on the show mirrors his own life, as he is openly gay. Despite his struggles to find love, Linda maintains a sense of humor about his single status.

“I have honestly tried it all. Not that I have thrown in the towel but damn these dating apps lead to false hopes. I used to believe that this is a queer people problem but I have realized the pandemic is hitting us all.”

Net Worth

Despite being in the early stages of his career, Linda is doing quite well. His income from his food trucks and television roles has resulted in a net worth of R500 000.

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