Lois Du Plessis Biography

Lois Du Plessis Biography

Lois Du Plessis, a South African actress and singer, is currently captivating audiences with her role as Pearl on House of Zwide. This multitalented artist is quickly becoming a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, sparking curiosity about her life and career. Let’s delve into the details of Lois Du Plessis’ life and career.

Profile Overview

Full Name: Lois Du Plessis
Age: 42 years
Date of Birth: 28 August 1980
Place of Birth: Johannesburg
Professions: Actress, Dancer, Singer, Voice Over Artist
Net Worth: R500 000

Career Beginnings

Lois Du Plessis is a versatile talent who has been a familiar face in the entertainment industry for over two decades. She made her debut in 2002 on the show Backstage. Lois continued to impress audiences with her performance as Shannon in the medical drama series Hillside. Her talent has even taken her to international stages.

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International Experience

In a significant career move, Lois relocated to Houston, Texas, where she joined Israel Houghton’s band as a vocalist. In 2018, she returned to South Africa and appeared in advertisements and theatre productions. Three years later, she secured the role of Pearl on House of Zwide.

Lois shared her experiences in the US, stating, “I had felt a strong urge to come back home but before that, I decided to use my remaining years in the US to their fullest. At that time the band was not travelling. Auditioning in New York was super tough, but I learned a lot there. Realising that I needed to have money saved up for things like accommodation while auditioning, I ended up working at Amazon’s warehouse for almost two years.”

Role in House of Zwide

In House of Zwide, Lois plays the role of Pearl, the receptionist and Laz’s wing woman. Her character leads a solitary life and is willing to leave everything behind in search of true love.

Personal Life

While Lois often shares glimpses of her parents’ love life on Instagram, she keeps her personal life private. If she has a husband or children, she has managed to keep this aspect of her life away from the public eye.

Television Appearances

Lois Du Plessis has graced several shows, including:

  • Hard Copy – Celebrity Appearance (as Afro-Z)
  • Hillside as Shannon
  • House of Zwide as Pearl

Net Worth

Lois Du Plessis has undoubtedly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her music, acting roles, and design ventures have contributed to her net worth of R500 000, and she continues to break barriers in her career.

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