Luthuli Dlamini Biography

Luthuli Dlamini Biography

Luthuli Dlamini, born on 13 March 1966, is a renowned actor and producer hailing from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. With a career spanning from 1986 to the present, Dlamini has made significant contributions to both film and television. He is a proud father of five children.

Early Life

Born in the late ’60s in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Dlamini spent his formative years moving between Africa and Europe. His childhood was marked by significant events such as the Beatles craze in the UK and the liberation movement in Zimbabwe. Despite the excitement of living in England, Dlamini always felt like a foreigner and yearned to return to his homeland. This sentiment was expressed during an interview with Drum magazine, where he stated, “I always wanted to come back home.”


Dlamini’s acting career took off in 1986, and he has been active in the industry ever since. He is best known for his portrayal of Stan Nyathi on the soap opera, Scandal!. In addition to this, Dlamini has showcased his acting prowess in other popular shows such as Generations, Jacob’s Cross, InterSEXions, Rockville, Room, Tempy Pushas, and Uzalo.

From 2008 to 2009, Dlamini played the leading role of Tombo Mbuli in the M-Net sitcom The Coconuts. On July 4, 2013, he joined the cast of Generations, a television show aired live on SABC 1, where he played the role of Scott. He also portrayed Advocate Zulu on Uzalo from season 1 to season 4.

Scandal! Controversy

In June 2007, Dlamini notified the producers of Scandal! that he was ill and needed some time off. However, after a prolonged absence and no communication from him, the producers tried to reach him unsuccessfully. They eventually discovered that he had been in his house all along, claiming that he had been sick and needed time to recuperate. On 28 June 2007, he was dismissed from Scandal! but later returned on a recurring basis to see out his character of Stan Nyathi.

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Dlamini’s extensive filmography includes roles in both television and films. Some of his notable television roles include Ben Landers in Tempy Pushas, Scott Nomvete in Generations (2013), Stan Nyathi in Scandal! (2011-2013), Zakes in Intersexions, and Advocate Zulu in Uzalo (2018).

His film roles are equally impressive, with performances in The Lost Future (2010), Chander Pahar (2013), Mandela’s Gun (2016), Cry of Love (2016), The Journey is the Destination (2016), Jongo (2016), Naked Reality (2016), I’m Brautkleid durch Africa (2010), and The Furnace (2019).


Dlamini’s talent and dedication to his craft have not gone unnoticed. In 2019, he was honored at the Nice International Film Festival, where he won the Best Actor award.

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