Nkanyiso Makhanya Biography

Nkanyiso Makhanya: A Comprehensive Biography

Nkanyiso Makhanya is a South African actor who is currently captivating audiences with his portrayal of “Njeza” on SABC 1’s ‘Uzalo’. Once known as a child star, Nkanyiso has matured into a versatile actor, demonstrating his range and depth in the role of “Njeza”. His career trajectory is on an exciting upward path, and as a rising star, he shows no signs of slowing down. This detailed biography provides an insight into Nkanyiso Makhanya’s life, including his age, relationship status, net worth, and his journey on ‘Uzalo’.

Personal Details

Nkanyiso Makhanya was born on 23rd May 1993 in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He is a professional actor, TV presenter, and MC. He holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Zululand. You can follow Nkanyiso on Instagram at @therealnkanyiso. His estimated net worth is around $200,000.

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Early Career

Nkanyiso’s first experience on TV was as an intern at 1KZN TV. Here, he was exposed to all aspects of production, including camera work, voiceovers, research, directing, and pre-production. This behind-the-scenes experience provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the television industry.

Aspirations and Achievements

Growing up in KZN, Nkanyiso was aware of the limited opportunities to be on TV, as there were no TV stations based in KZN. However, this did not deter him from pursuing his childhood dream of being on TV. He was determined to make it in the industry and had no backup plan. His hard work and determination eventually paid off.

Transition to Craz-e

In 2015, Nkanyiso landed a job at Craz-e, marking the next step in his career journey. Despite it being a significant opportunity, he set a time frame for himself, viewing this role as a stepping stone to bigger things. After two and a half years at Craz-e, he moved on, having gained valuable live TV experience.

Personal Life

A controversial video circulated on social media, leading to speculation about Nkanyiso’s sexuality. Regardless of the rumors, Nkanyiso is currently in a relationship with Thando, Duma Ntando’s older sister. The couple has been together for five years.

Career Highlights

Nkanyiso’s career has been marked by several notable milestones. He started as an intern at 1KZN TV, where he gained hands-on experience in various aspects of production. He then joined Craz-e as a presenter. Although he auditioned for the first season of ‘Uzalo’ in 2015, he did not secure a role. However, in 2018, he landed a role in a popular drama. His passion for acting was evident from a young age, and he participated in plays throughout his school years.

Role in ‘Uzalo’

Nkanyiso currently plays the character “Njeza” in ‘Uzalo’. Despite initially failing an audition for the show, he persevered and eventually secured a role. His experience with the audition process taught him valuable lessons about confidence and character portrayal, which have served him well in his acting career.

Although he plays the jailbird “Njeza” now, the actor once fails an audition at Uzalo. “I auditioned in Johannesburg because I didn’t know about the Durban auditions. So I took a bus, got there at 6 am and only auditioned at 6 pm. It was my first acting audition. I didn’t know what to expect, but the experience taught me a lot about acting auditions and how to be confident and wear your character before you get on stage. The whole experience taught me to be patient,” he says. Well, patience pays off; look at him now.

Nkanyiso Makhanya’s Car

Recently, he made a significant purchase, adding an Audi to his collection. This luxury vehicle is a symbol of style and performance, aligning perfectly with Nkanyiso’s persona. According to carmag, the price of this particular Audi model is no less than R430,000, indicating Nkanyiso’s willingness to invest in quality and comfort.

Nkanyiso Makhanya’s Net Worth

As an emerging star in the entertainment industry, Nkanyiso Makhanya has been successful in accumulating a considerable net worth. Currently, his net worth stands at $200,000. This financial achievement is a testament to his talent and hard work. His income sources are not limited to acting; he also earns from his engagements as an MC and TV presenter. His diverse skills and abilities have enabled him to create multiple income streams, contributing to his impressive net worth.

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