Actress Nozuko Ncayiyane Channeling Spirits

Nozuko Ncayiyane, a former actress on DiepCity, has expressed her belief that her previous role as Nox has equipped her for her current leading role in the new Mzansi Magic drama series, S’phiwo. The 32-year-old actress now portrays Zodwa, a young sangoma whose spiritual depth and seriousness distinguish her from others.

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Embracing the Role of Zodwa

Nozuko, who gained popularity through her performance in Scandal!, shared with Daily Sun that her new role arrived at an opportune moment in her career. She explained, “When my character came, I was at ease with my craft and all I ever wanted was to act. When we create, we usually create from a space of fear and when Zodwa came I felt like I worked so much on my fear that for the first time I said to myself, I want to create from a place of trust, serenity, and grounding.”

Upon learning that she had secured the role, Nozuko felt a sense of relief. She expressed her love for playing meaningful characters and shared that she fell in love with Zodwa from the auditions. She believes that acting is a spiritual process and one can sense when they are going to secure a role from an audition.

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Nozuko Ncayiyane Channeling Spirits

Nozuko revealed that she is selective about the characters she plays. She stated, “At a stage that I am in right now I feel like if I take any other character, I will not have a room to fully share my voice. I’m not interested in playing any character. I am only interested in playing characters that speak to me, excite, and entertain me.”

Lessons from Nine Years in the Industry

Having spent nine years in the industry, Nozuko has learned that it requires one to have a strong connection with oneself. She admitted to facing numerous challenges due to a lack of self-awareness, which could manifest as mental illness, poor health, and financial illiteracy.

The Impact of Playing Nox on DiepCity

Nozuko shared that playing Nox on DiepCity was a nurturing experience for her. She said, “I was able to express parts of me that had been dead for a long time and the level of healing that took place during those two years I was stressed and came out being a better artist and entrepreneur.”

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