PlusOne, a generative artificial intelligence tool owned by Naspers, serves as an aggregator of several third-party AI models. The tool is currently internal to Naspers and its subsidiary, Prosus. According to Euro Beinat, the group head of AI and data science at Naspers and Prosus, only three companies in the group have announced products related to generative AI, while others are using PlusOne.

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The Evolution and Functionality of PlusOne

PlusOne originated from a decision made by Prosus in 2017 to create a group of AI and machine learning experts to support companies across the group. The team, now comprising 25 members and headquartered in Amsterdam, has developed the organisation into a planner and coordinator for more than 10 AI models. Unlike most generative AI tools that are based on one particular model, PlusOne can choose the correct model for a given problem and detect when a model produces erroneous output.

Unique Features and Applications of the organisation

Paul van der Boor, senior director of data science at Prosus, highlighted that PlusOne’s unique feature is its intelligent routing capability, which allows it to choose which underlying model should generate a response. It also has built-in tools to identify when and where the models behave erroneously. What sets PlusOne apart is its ability to integrate with various other solutions. Several Naspers businesses like OLX, Media24, Takealot, and Mr D Food have begun experimenting with the capabilities that PlusOne brings to their operations.

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