Prominent Amapiano Artist Embraces Calling as Prophetess

Nkosazana Sibiya, a 32-year-old Amapiano singer, has embarked on a spiritual journey that has transformed her life. This journey, which began over a year ago, will culminate on Saturday, 20 January, in Pankop, Mpumalanga.

Childhood Experiences and Sensitivities

Growing up in Johannesburg, Nkosazana was not an ordinary child. She experienced vivid dreams and had powerful instincts about future events and past occurrences. Originally from KwaMhlabuyalingana, she found it challenging to be around people because she could sense their problems or know their issues without them verbalizing them. This sensitivity made it difficult for her to interact freely with others. Despite the challenges and the distance from her family and friends, she describes the journey as a great experience.

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Amapiano Artist Embraces Calling as Prophetess

As a member of the Apostolic Zion Church, Nkosazana’s training to become a prophetess was centered around prayer and church activities. She learned about different levels of prayer and their effectiveness. The training also provided insights into consciousness and taught her how to heal people through prayers. Nkosazana revealed that her journey to becoming a prophetess took more than a year.

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Balancing Music and Spirituality

Nkosazana sees no conflict between her roles as a prophetess and a musician. She believes both are callings and should be treated with equal respect. In addition to Amapiano, she also sings Afro-pop and urban Zulu, with a touch of dance music. She plans to release music in 2024 that aims to heal people. As the hitmaker of “Idlozi lami,” Nkosazana has been trained for stage and theatre performances. She has been a singer and dancer since childhood and continues to hone her dancing skills. Her music often mirrors real-life events, further showcasing her unique blend of spirituality and artistry.

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