SABC Clarifies Misunderstandings Regarding Zahara’s Reality TV Show

The South African Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC) has issued a response to reports suggesting that it would be broadcasting the second season of the reality series of the late Zahara, titled “Zahara: As I Rise”. This response comes in the wake of a report by ZiMoja, which stated that the award-winning musician’s mother, Nokhaya Mkutukana, confirmed that they were in discussions with the public broadcaster for a posthumous show.

Zahara’s Family’s Perspective on Her Reality TV Series

Zahara, whose real name was Bulelwa Mkutukana, tragically passed away at a private hospital in Johannesburg on 11 December. She was subsequently laid to rest in her hometown of East London on 23 December. According to ZiMoja, Zahara’s mother admitted that they, as a family, did not have extensive knowledge about the entertainment industry but were seeking advice as they initiated talks with the SABC. She was quoted as saying, “God is good.

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We will heal. We don’t want our daughter’s story to go untold. She was our pillar of strength. We are still in talks with the SABC. We are from the rural area, we don’t know these things, but people will help guide us so we can go about it the right way.” The outlet also spoke to a family member who said the family approached the SABC and they had agreed to continue with the show. The source further added that the family was looking to clear the air on a number of allegedly false reports.

SABC Clarifies Misunderstandings Regarding Zahara’s Reality TV Show

Contrary to the reports, the SABC clarified to IOL that they will actually be airing the repeat of Zahara’s first season. They stated, “This is a repeat and not the second season” and added that “this was planned before her passing.”

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