About Us

SOUTH AFRICA TECHNOLOGY HUB is an information technology and business publication that obsesses about the opportunity of tech, particularly the internet, for individuals and businesses in South Africa and the greater African region.

We publish news, analysis and opinion on the tech and related contextual issues, focusing on breaking it down for the novice whilst still engaging the most sophisticated practitioner. Our content ranges from the practical ‘how to’s to discussions on business models and policy.

Providing the South African/African Context

IT professionals rely on our network of media as the most trusted source of news and analysis. Our audience includes executive IT – those charged with using IT for strategic business initiatives and collaborative IT – those who manage the day-to-day IT operations of the enterprise. At the same time, our channel audience comprises senior-level principles across the vendor, distributor and service provider networks.


The community discovers deals, value propositions and solutions for their daily needs in South Africa Technology Hub. South Africa technology hub is an affiliate of merchants and service providers wanting to reach our growing audience and community directly.

This service is based on our community’s trust and confidence in the South African technology hub; therefore, we are careful who we affiliate with. Whilst we want a broad database of service providers and merchants for our community to have a choice, we demand that these partners have integrity. Proof of anything less than good faith and integrity results in us taking down the partner from the marketplace or not getting into the affiliate relationship in the first place.

We cut through and filter the noise and buzz of the IT market, so you don’t have to.