South Africa has experienced a significant population increase over the past decade. The country’s statistics agency, StatsSA, reported on Tuesday that the population has grown by more than 10 million, reaching a total of 62 million. This represents a 19.8 percent increase from the 51.8 million recorded in 2011 during the last census.

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South Africa population grew by more than 10 million to just over 62 million over the past decade

The census conducted in 2022 revealed interesting insights into the racial composition of South Africa’s population. More than 81 percent of South Africans identified as Black Africans, while 8.1 percent identified as “coloured” or mixed-race. The white population accounted for 7.3 percent, and those of Indian or Asian descent made up 2.7 percent. The white population’s share of the total has notably decreased from nine percent in 2011.

In terms of regional distribution, Gauteng, home to Johannesburg, the country’s economic capital, emerged as the most populous region with over 15 million residents. Gauteng and the Western Cape have seen the largest influx of new residents.

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Improvements in Basic Amenities

The census also highlighted improvements in access to basic amenities. Almost all households now have access to electricity, and more than eight in ten have access to running water. These findings indicate progress in infrastructure development and service delivery across the country.

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