Enhle Mbali has hinted that her ex Black Coffee was unmoved by her concern after his flight accident earlier this week. And the actress has plenty to say about the situation, even going as far as to claim that things are on tense terms between them.

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In an Instagram Live, Enhle Mbali revealed that she had heard of her ex Black Coffee’s accident via her son while she was holidaying in Botswana. Despite their messy split, the screen star claimed she tried to be the “bigger person” by emailing him to wish him a speedy recovery.

Watch: Black Coffee Unmoved by Enhle Mbali’s Concern After Accident

However, Enhle hinted that she received a hostile response. She said: “Do I not get an email stating ‘Stop pretending like you care’”. Enhle also claimed that she no longer had any feelings towards her entertainer ex. “I did it for my children”. She continued: “Whenever he does well, I say congratulations. It’s not my business how it’s received”.

Elsewhere in the IG Live, Enhle Mbali dropped more bombshells about Black Coffee. They include: Claiming he allegedly has a newborn baby She said: “I do not care. It’s his life”. Black Coffee has yet to confirm the news or state who the child’s mother is.

Also read: Black Coffee Recovering Following a Serious In-Flight Incident

She is still legally married Enhle claims the divorce case will only take place in November 2024 “You’re free to come to court to see the truth come out,” she said. She is dating Enhle claimed she has a “boo” and is “enjoying life and freedom.” Her phone has been allegedly tapped “My phone has been tapped since 2018. And this person is persistent”. Claims there is more Black Coffee drama behind the scenes “I haven’t said a word. I’ve only reacted to the things done to me.”

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