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Last year, Apple users in South Africa were taken aback when the prices of the iPhone 14 was revealed. The cost had jumped by up to 20.3% compared to the iPhone 13 models. This significant increase was largely attributed to a weak rand exchange rate.

In 2023, the ailing currency is once again set to impact the wallets of South African Apple users. The new iPhone 15 series is expected to see an above-inflation price increase, adding further financial strain for potential buyers.

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iPhone prices in South Africa

According to pre-order pricing released by Core Group-owned retail chain, the iStore, on Friday, here’s how much you’ll pay for the iPhone 15:

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14

  • 128GB: R21 999 (R20 599, so a 6.8% increase)
  • 256GB: R24 999 (R23 199, 7.8% increase)
  • 512GB: R30 799 (R28 499, 8.1% increase)

iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro

  • 128GB: R27 699 (R25 699, 7.8% increase)
  • 256GB: R30 799 (R28 299, 8.8% increase)
  • 512GB: R36 499 (R33 599, 8.6% increase)
  • 1TB: R41 999 (R38 599, 8.8% increase)

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • 256GB: R33 499 (R30 999, 8.1% increase)
  • 512GB: R38 999 (R35 999, 8.3% increase)
  • 1TB: R44 999 (R41 499, 8.4% increase)

The Weakening Rand

The rand has weakened over the past year by about 7.3%, which roughly matches the increase in prices of the iPhone 15.

Comparing with iPhone 13

For those upgrading from the iPhone 13 series, the price increases are much more significant:

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 13

  • 128GB: R21 999 (R17 299, so a 27.2% increase)
  • 256GB: R24 999 (R19 39929.9% increase)
  • 512GB: R30 799 (R23 69930% increase)

iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro

  • 128GB: R27 699 (R21 49928.8% increase)
  • 256GB: R30 799 (R23 69930% increase)
  • 512GB: R36 499 (R28 69927.2% increase)
  • 1TB: R41 999 (R32 99927.3% increase)

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • 256GB: R33 499 (R25 89929.3% increase)
  • 512GB: R38 999 (R30 89926.2% increase)
  • 1TB: R44 999 (R35 29927.5% increase)

Pre-orders and Trade-in Options

Pre-orders of the new iPhone 15 devices launched in South Africa on Friday, with the phones expected to reach consumers’ hands from next week.

To tempt users to upgrade – and perhaps help them forget about the sharp increase in prices – iStore said it is offering various support options, including up to R20 000 cashback in trade-in value on selected models.

Global Launch

South Africa wasn’t the only market where iPhones went on sale or pre-order on Friday. The devices are going on sale in about 40 countries in its first wave, including in Australia, Hong Kong, mainland China, the US, the UK and France.

The success of these new devices will be crucial for Apple’s performance during the holiday period.

By Shamiso Miracle

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