The used car market in South Africa has been quite dynamic, generating over R12 billion in September according to AutoTrader used car sales data. However, there have been some interesting shifts in the market. Here is a look at the most-sold used cars in SA

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A Dip in Sales

For the first time since the second quarter, used-car sales in September experienced a decline. Sales fell by 9% month-on-month, dropping from 34,725 sales in August to 31,636 in September. Despite this decrease, the average price of a used car has slightly increased to R403,626.

Most-Sold Used Cars in SA

The popularity of certain car brands remains consistent despite the small decrease in overall used car sales. Toyota, VW, and Ford continue to be the top-selling used car brands, followed by BMW, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, and Kia.

Brand Performance

Kia was the only brand among the top ten to achieve month-on-month growth (8.7%). Meanwhile, Suzuki made a comeback to claim the last spot in the top ten, pushing Renault off the list of most-sold used cars in South Africa.

Top Models

The Ford Ranger bakkie maintained its position as the number-one selling used car with 1,713 sales. The VW Polo hatchback managed to outsell the Toyota Hilux by 50 units with 1,441 sales, securing the second spot.

The VW Polo Vivo, Toyota Fortuner, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series, Kia Picanto and Ford EcoSport complete the top ten. The Kia Picanto posted a notable 4.2% growth and ousted the previous tenth spot holder, the Nissan NP200. With an average selling price of R170,518, the Picanto was also the most affordable among the top ten used models.

RankModelUnits SoldAverage PriceAverage MileageAverage Age
1.Ford Ranger1713R460 04280 245km4-years old
2.Volkswagen Polo1441R260 82864 242km4-years old
3.Toyota Hilux1391R445 642111 279km5-years old
4.Volkswagen Polo Vivo926R188 54866 870km4-years old
5.Toyota Fortuner803R459 762102 484km5-years old
6.Jeep Wrangler714R474 399125 420km9-years old
7.Mercedes-Benz C-Class652R426 807102 144km7-years old
8.BMW 3 Series564R365 912104 512km7-years old
9.Ford EcoSport485R242 69855 599km3-years old
10.Kia Picanto423R170 51840 806km3-years old

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