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Lesego Legobane, popularly known as Thickleeyonce, is a well-known South African plus-size model, photographer, influencer, and body-positive activist. She is also a plus-size blogger and co-owner of Lee Bex with Rebecca Garande. She went viral after responding to body-shaming tweets comparing her to a well-known African model. In addition, she is known for sharing her journey on loving her body. Thickleeyonce made history when she became the first South African plus-size model/celebrity added to the international fashion house Calvin Klein’s roster.

Personal Information

Thickleeyonce was born in Potchefstroom on March 18, 1993. She celebrated her 28th birthday on March 18, 2020. While many have come to know her by her nickname, Thickleeyonce, she was born Lesego Legobane. For years, Lesego has been a huge fan of Grammy-winning American singer and songwriter Beyoncé Knowles. She revealed that she got her nickname while she was in school. First, she merged a part of her name with a part of Beyoncé’s, forming the word Leeyonce. Then, “Thick” was added to embrace her body type. She has revealed that the name has stuck since then.

Net Worth

The exact estimate of Thickleeyonce’s net worth is unknown to the general public because she has yet to reveal it. However, her success in the entertainment industry as an influencer, blogger, and photographer proves that she would have good money in the bank.


Thickleeyonce has always been open about her relationships. While she doesn’t reveal who she is dating, she talks about how they make her feel. For example, in 2018, she revealed that her then-boyfriend had a weird habit of waking up around 2 am and expecting her to be awake with him. She also revealed in 2019 that she broke up with her “recent” ex because he always threatened to kill her and no one would find her body.

She is quoted as having tweeted: “I broke up with my recent ex cos he told me he’d kill me and no one would find my body; he had said this to me several times, but something about how he grabbed my hand that last night I spent with him and how he said it confidently that made me believe him. Men are scary.”

Body Positivity

Thickleeyonce has always been vocal about her weight. She has constantly warded off haters and critics on social media. Following her feature on Marie Claire’s “Naked” issue released on August 20, 2018, she was criticized for not loving her body and always trying to lose weight. She, alongside several other female celebrities, had been photographed naked and penned messages to their bodies using the #DearBody hashtag. She responded to the criticism on social media by saying that people want her to hate herself so much because they didn’t believe a girl like her could be so in love with her body. However, she has never let the constant body-shaming get to her.


All the hate Thickleeyonce gets on social media has only opened up new doors for her in the entertainment scene. She announced via her social media page in June 2020 that she would be making an appearance on the hit TV series “Generations: The Legacy”. Mzansi praised her for her feature in the series.

Without Makeup

Thickleeyonce became a subject of ridicule after a photo of her without makeup hit the internet. But as usual, she did not let the criticism get to her.

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