The Queen and Kings of Joburg actor SK Khoza are back trending for the wrong reasons. He shared a video of himself across his social media platforms, and Mzansi was utterly shaken. SK Khoza bedroom video shows him and a mysterious and unidentified female sharing oral intimacy. As he was busy doing his thing, he was facing away from the camera.

After his leak, Mzansi could not believe it as he is an actor followed by kids and so many people. To show he is unashamed of his act, the actor faces the camera and pulls a mean-mugging face. Such leaked videos taint the associated brands, as explicit content is frowned upon.

So many tweeps were stunned at how deliberate this video going public is. Usually, such videos, especially those of celebrities, are leaked by close friends or other people. We rarely ever see stars leaking the videos themselves. Reality show star Faith Nketsi once faced something similar, but she still maintains she didn’t leak the video herself.

As Mzansi was still gathering their head around this incident, people were shocked at what he did afterwards. He leaked a promotional video for a side project he is working on. Sk is venturing into the industry of adult content creation.

A clooser look at SK Khoza bedroom video and Joining an adult content site

He posted an image that is a screenshot of his adult content website handle and profile. He urged fans to subscribe to his profile instead of stealing his adult videos. Khoza is the third celebrity in Mzansi to have a profile on the site. Diep City actress and Podcast and Chill City Girls host Tebogo Thobejane was the first to have an account. Singer Moonchild Sanelly also joined, and the actor is the third.

SK Khoza is encouraging people to subscribe to his channel.
SK Khoza is encouraging people to subscribe to his channel. Image: Instagram/SK Khoza

His handle on the site is King, who goes by Blackmister. His profile is on a subscription-based website similar to YouTube; the difference is that people pay to view content in actual cash. Content creators make tons of money on the sites, and the possibilities for the content that can be created are endless.

By Shamiso Miracle

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