Tinah Dlathu

Tina Dlathu Biography

Tina Dlathu is a promising actress hailing from South Africa. She has recently gained nationwide recognition after being cast as Khwezi Hlope in the fifth season of the popular television series, “The River”. Interestingly, she shares a familial bond with another renowned actress, Sindi Dlathu, who happens to be her elder sister.

Early Career and Debut

Tina embarked on her acting journey with her debut in “The River” Season 5, where she played the character of Khwezi. This role not only marked her entry into the acting world but also provided her with the opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s finest talents.

Learning from the Best

Tina has had the privilege of learning the nuances of acting from some of the best in the industry. She considers herself fortunate to work alongside her elder sister, Sindi Dlathu. Sindi has been a staple in South African entertainment for over two decades and is a household name in the country.

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Personal Profile

Here is a brief summary of Tina Dlathu’s profile:

  • Full Name: Tina Dlathu
  • Date of Birth: Not known
  • Age: Not known
  • Place of Birth: South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Gender: Female
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Siblings: Actress Sindi Dlathu and her twin Zanele Sangweni
  • Profession: Actress
  • Social Media Profiles: Instagram


Tina Dlathu is an emerging talent in the South African acting scene. She is best known as the younger sister of actress Sindi Dlathu. Tina was cast in “The River” Season 5, where she portrayed the character of Khwezi Hlope alongside her sister.

Age and Personal Life

As a young actress, Tina has kept details regarding her personal life private. Information about her date of birth and age remains undisclosed.


Tina is the younger sister of actress Sindi Dlathu. The only other known family member is her twin, Zanele Sangweni. Details about other relatives remain unknown.

Relationship with Sindi Dlathu

Contrary to some speculations, Tina is not Sindi Dlathu’s daughter. She is, in fact, Sindi’s real-life younger sister.

Acting Career

Tina made her professional acting debut in June 2022. Her first role was Khwezi, the youngest child in the Hlophe family, in 1Magic’s “The River” Season 5.

Role in “The River”

In “The River”, Tina portrays Khwezi, the youngest child of the powerful and wealthy Hlophe family. This family was introduced in Season 5 of the 1Magic telenovela. The Hlope family is headed by Bukhosi (portrayed by actor Bheki Mkhwane), a traditional patriarch who is both intelligent and dangerous.

Tina Dlathu is a rising star in the South African acting industry. With her talent and the guidance of her experienced sister, Sindi, Tina is set to make a significant impact in the world of acting.

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